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Zenlink DEX Protocol
Zenlink DEX Protocol
The underlying unified and universal cross-chain DEX Protocol
Zenlink DEX Module
Zenlink DEX Module
Plug-and-Play Polkadot Network Module based on the Zenlink DEX Protocol standard
Zenlink DEX Aggregator
Zenlink DEX Aggregator
Aggregator for connecting all DEX DApps on Polkadot, providing users with a one-click, low slippage trading experience
Zenlink DEX Network
Zenlink DEX Composable Hub
Each parachain builds a DEX with its own characteristics by connecting to the Zenlink DEX Module, and becomes the powerful Polkadot DEX Composable Hub
Zenlink DEX Module
Plug and Play
Plug the Zenlink DEX Module into the parachain code by way of a pallet.
Upgrade Flexibly
Replace the Zenlink DEX Module to upgrade to the latest version and benefit from more powerful features
Composability and Interoperability
Enables customizable combinations and interoperability with more DeFi modules, such as integrating with privacy modules to build privacy DEX
For Developers
For Users
How does Zenlink work?
Step 1
Deploy Zenlink DEX Module, WASM and EVM into parachains with one click and interconnect them
Step 2
Find the best trading path through all parachain liquidity sources with Zenlink Smart Order Routing and aggregate other DEX liquidity with Zenlink DEX Aggregator
Step 3
Users can easily complete efficient, well-priced, and low-slippage swap with Zenlink DEX
2023 Q4
Launch the Zenlink Incubator to support talented teams that build around Web3 infrastructure
2023 Q3
Full-chain liquidity aggregation phase 2
Optimized protocol with gas consumption, order splitting, upgrade to Zenlink Mega Aggregator v2
Enable the Governance module and combine it to boost Zenlink Mega Aggregator usage
Combining XCM's latest advances to attempt Parachain liquidity aggregation within the Polkadot ecosystem
2023 Q2
Full-chain liquidity aggregation phase 1
Finish prototyping Zenlink Mega Aggregator v1
Integrating aggregator functionality into Zenlink DEX
Enable new Zenlink DEX DApp main site and complete migration
Enable Zenlink DEX DApp on Mobile
2023 Q1
Chain-driven decentralized deployment solutions
Finish Zenlink Deployment Kits development
Integrate more Parachain and use the new deployment paradigm to complete the integration of Zenlink DEX with Parachain
2022 Q4
Bringing composability and interoperability with more DeFi Modules
Build at least one structured product
Implement compositions with other DeFi modules (e.g. Privacy DEX)
2022 Q3
Upgrade network infrastructure to enhance user experience
Enable Zenlink DEX DApp on Mobile
Achieve X-Transfer v2
Integrating More Parachains
2022 Q2
Build ZLK Matrix
Launch ZLK Governance v1
Launch Farming v3
Launch Zenlink DAO NFT
2022 Q1
Build Zenlink DexConnect v1
Achieve Hybrid AMM
Achieve Zenlink DEX SDK v1
2021 Q4
Launch Zenlink on Polkadot
Open Resource
Start DEX Composable Between Each Parachains
Start Zenlink Builder Program
2021 Q3
Achieve Zenlink DEX DApp
Launch 2nd Public Test
Launch Zenlink on Kusama (integrate to Plasm / Bifrost / Moonbeam)
Tokenomic Lightpaper Release
2021 Q2
Launch 1st Public Test (with 4 parachains)
Launch Zenlink SlotVault
Achieve Zenlink DEX Aggregator&Smart Order Routing SDK
2021 Q1
Test on Rococo (only 1 parachain)
Build Zenlink DEX Aggregator Prototype
Complete 1st Cross-chain DEX Test
2020 Q4
Achieve three implementations (Module / WASM / EVM)
Deliver two Web3 Grants
2020 Q3
Build Zenlink DEX Procotol Prototype
Publish Zenlink Whitepaper v0.1
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